Fossil Version 1.26 Release




相変わらずのsimpleさでfossil.exe一つ置き換えればVersion up完了。


The argument to the –port option for the “fossil ui” and “fossil server” commands can take an IP address in addition to the port number, causing Fossil to bind to just that one IP address.



After prompting for a password, also ask if that password should be remembered.


Performance improvements to the diff engine.


Fix the side-by-side diff engine to work better with multi-byte unicode text.


Color-coding in the web-based annotation (blame) display. Fix the annotation engine so that it is no longer confused by time-warps.

Web baseでblameを表示するときに色づけをした。時間が飛ぶ時に混乱しないようにアノテーションエンジンを修正

The markdown formatter is now available by default and can be used for tickets, wiki, and embedded documentation.

markdown formatterが使える様になった。wiki、tickets、組み込みドキュメントで利用できる。

markdown はPlain Textとして見やすい形で編集できるので良いですね。

Add subcommands “fossil bisect log” and “fossil bisect status” to the “fossil bisect” command, as well as other bisect enhancements.


Enhanced defenses that prevent spiders from using excessive CPU and bandwidth.

web spiderによるCPUと帯域消費を削減するように改良。

Consistent use of the -n or –dry-run command line options.

-n –dry-runのコマンドラインオプションの一貫性を確保。

Win32: Fossil now understands Cygwin paths containing one or more of the characters “*:<>?|. Those are

normally forbidden in win32. This means that the win32 fossil.exe is better usable in a Cygwin environment.

Win32で 特殊文字”*:<>?|.を含むcygwin pathを理解するように修正。通常win32では使用禁止の文字です。Cygwin環境下でWin32 fossil.exeが使いやすくなりました。

Cygwin: Fossil now understands win32 absolute paths starting with a drive letter everywhere. The default value of the “case-sensitive” setting is now FALSE, except when case-sensitivity is enabled in the Windows kernel.

Cygwinで win32の絶対パスを使えるようにした。大文字小文字を区別する設定はデフォルトで無効だが、Windows側で設定している場合は有効。

Enhancements to /timeline.rss, adding more flags for filtering results, including the ability to subscribe to changes made to individual tickets.


Improved handling of the differences between case-sensitive and case-insensitive filesystems.


JSON API: added the ‘status’ command to report local checkout status.

JSON APIにstatus(local checkoutのステータス取得)が追加。

Fixes to the –args support and documented this feature in the help.


Added /stats_report page.


Added ym=YYYY-MM filter to the “/timeline” url.

/timeline URLでym=YYYY-MMのフィルターを追加した。

Fixed: config reset now re-installs default ticket report format.


ssh:// and file:// protocols now ignore proxy settings.


Added /hash-color-test web page.

/hash-color-test ページを追加。

Cherry-pick merges are recorded internally (though no yet displayed on the timeline graph.)


Bring in the latest versions of SQLite, zlib, and autosetup from upstream.